OUr Mission

MotivoIQ helps consumer product suppliers decide how to provide the products customers demand instead of getting stuck going back-&-Forth gathering information.

What we do

Suppliers using our platform are able to quickly adapt with the early signs of changing conditions affecting their sales & operations Priorities. Our algorithm spots when performance exceptions spark, instead of catch fire. Our algorithm identifies these insights connecting POS and inventory data suppliers’ already have today.

That might mean helping you allocate product avoiding frustrated customers during a supply outage, clueing you in to early-signs of one variety’s Sell-through spiking, or avoiding excess inventory becoming unsalable.


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Our early access program is limited to Small & Midsize Consumer Product suppliers whose products are sold in multiple locations (online or brick-&-Mortar). We will be rolling out the MotivoIQ Platform in stages. Sign-up today to save your spot in line.